An earnings model driven by vision

CBM essentially combines a world-class trading system with an exhilarating cash-back strategy. In a truly novice approach to investing, we understand the people's quest for passive income. Investing shouldn't be a one-shot deal where the investor is left to hope for the best scenario if the potential yields become larger than your average low yielding bank.

We created an environment where we believe it is no longer necessary to worry about your capital. But you let your capital work for you. We call it ‘farming' capital. Just like a farmer planting seeds - if done right – you can reap the rewards time and time again. In fact, your capital is traded with the intent to grow, but it generates commission or 'fruits' every month. How big the fruits are, and how many you harvest, depends on how much you sow.

It’s not about money?

Only a pure vision can excel

The world's economic system is heavily tilted towards the central banking system and only a few can profit from it.

It creates massive amounts of fake currencies and distributes this in an orchestrated economy. Contradictory enough, billions slave for it and billions crave for it or starve if they don't have it.

The system is rigged: you're not supposed to be on the winning side.

Educating yourself on how this unnecessary complex labyrinth is faked and is a crucial element in everyone's existence.

Natural Circular Matrix

Nature’s way of telling us how to do it...

The key to creating a wealth distribution algorithm is to listen to what nature has to say. Our prime example of how everything is connected, and everything finds its path to balance, clearly shows us how it's done. We just have to listen and replicate.

Combining the algorithms of nature with something hard as currency dominates a man-made abstract into a natural submission. This might sound a bit farfetched, so let's break it down a bit.

Our matrix redistributes commissions, generated from monthly trading volume, back to the clients. But it's not just a simple cashback. That would limit the earnings to a mere fraction of a percent every month. We engage the building blocks of nature, called the Fibonacci matrix, to redistribute these commissions (rebates) throughout the member base.

Find out more on the matrix here


Farming your way to passive income

First you sow, then you nurture and finally you harvest. Remember! You harvest what you sow. It’s up to you to sow, we’ll do the rest.


The more seeds you plant, the more you will harvest.

This represents active products and services partnering with CBM Global.


With tried and tested fertiliser, we bring in the big guns.

Each month your nodes are filled with €0,25 from the commissions generated from partner products


Just drive over the field with your harvester and enjoy.

The wealth distribution algorithm is fully automated. Your account in CBM Global’s back office provides a full report on your monthly earnings.


Every Nautilus client needs to register as a CBM Global member first.

Every €50 cashback node has the potential to yield €10 every month.

All deposits are traded by the Nautilus strategies.

The €10 is gradually built up with cashback from your account nodes and nodes from other CBM clients.

For every €50 in trading capital deposited, CBM Global members receive a node in their own matrix.

We have devised multiple back-up strategies in the cashback system to create stable dynamics.

The intricate workings of the cashback matrix is fully based on the Fibonacci sequence. It's amazing how well a fit this natural matrix is to distribute the cold hard cash generated in trading volume. Fibonacci in its deepest intricacies explains that the building blocks of the universe, manifested in energy, are perfect algorithms.

In lame man’s terms, it is often explained that “nature will always run its course" or "the strong elements of nature".

An easier view on this is that the Fibonacci matrix is an exact representation of natural occurrences, like population growth numbers of humans and animals and growth patterns of plants, trees and flowers.

We chose to follow nature's course, it's a path that will lead you to your destination.

A Project in the making since 2003


The infinite source of cash

Step 1: Incorporation establishes broker and trader relations

2016 Q4
Step 2: Cash-back matrix

First launch of the CBM in MMC, aimed at the higher-level market

2018 Q1
Step 3: Launch of CBM Global

Initial launch of CBM developments to reach the masses

2018 Q2
Algorithm launch

Back office launch with basic calculations

2018 Q3

Important step. Establishing the Nautilus fund

2018 Q3(2)
Launch: backup cycle

Backup savings for each node from rebates set aside for low volume periods

2018 Q4
Launch: up-cycling

Essential for the growth of the system, complex up-cycling systems are implemented

Launch: corporate accounts

The icing on the cake. Corporate funded accounts boosting the fill-up of the €10 up-cycle matrix

Boost marketing globally

Heavy focus on sales pages, marketing video’s and personalised social media campaigns

Trading Forex and CFD's is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.